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Fix List

Please note, this site is actively developed, so if you see something funny going on, please check again later and hopefully it will be resolved. If you see a persistent problem, please report it through the contact page. Thanks!

Updates in Progress

  • sort out div positioning to be persistent across all pages
  • Fix empty white space at bottom of circle page
  • Fix empty white space at top of other pages

Completed Updates

  • Allow circle to be shown / hidden on any page
  • Allow circle to rotate in either direction
  • Improve caching of static files

Intended Future Updates

  • Add ability to show sharps or flats in the circle
  • Create guitar tabs for each scale pattern
  • Add depth to all page descriptions
  • Remove home page link from displaying twice on non-home pages
  • Add audio samples to the circle
  • Add video demos for scales
  • Add video demos for chord progressions
  • Make mobile friendly (iPhone, Android etc…)
  • Make HTML5 and available offline for mobile browsers

If you wish to contribute to this project, please register your interest via the contact page