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Phrygian has the potential to sound very menacing and is a favourite in the realms of metal and heavy rock.
  • To play phrygian mode on the piano, you can just play all of the white keys, but starting on an E
  • This mode consists of notes with the intervals S-T-T-T-S-T-T
  • As an example, make sure that A is at the top of the circle. As you can see, in order to play an A phrygian scale you can just play the notes from F major, but concentrating on A
  • To see what notes are in an A phrygian scale, make sure that F is at the top of the circle. The notes for A phrygian are: A, A#, C, D, E, F, G
  • To play a song in A Phrygian mode, you might pick chords from F major, but centre around the A minor: Am, A#, C, Dm, Edim, F, Gm
  • Guitar tab to follow soon