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Aeolian is also known as the most common minor mode. If someone is talking about a minor scale, this is probably the one they’re talking about.
  • To play Aeolian mode on the piano, just play all the white notes on a piano, starting on A.
  • Aeolian mode consists of notes with the following intervals: T-S-T-T-S-T-T
  • As an example, make sure that “A” is at the top of the circle. You can see that in order to play A aeolian mode, you simply need to play a C major scale, but concentrating on the A.
  • To play a song in A aeolian mode, you would generally play all the chords from C major, but concentrating on the Am.
  • Play any major scale but start on (concentrate on) the 6th note in order to achieve an aeolian scale
  • A aeolian is relative to (contains all the same notes as) C major (or C ionian) , and so can be thought of as a starting point for the modal system (if there was such a thing)